Tournament - Publish Results

This allows you to publish the results of a tournament to the Tournament Director for Windows internet Results Service.

This option is available from the Tournament menu and from the Submit Results for ECF grading dialogue.


The system will validate the tournament and result details and will display any errors or warnings.

The system will then display the Service dialogue to allow you to select the required results service (usually only one service is available).

Publish Results

The first frame on the dialogue shows details of the tournament being published.

The second frame is only shown if the tournament already exists on the internet results service. It shows details of the tournament as it exists on the results service. If you click on OK it will publish this tournament to the internet (and overwrite the existing tournament if it already exists on the internet).

This process takes some time. The system will:

  • create the results file in the required format
  • connect to the internet
  • send the file to the results service
  • load the file to the results service to create the cross table (this loads an internet browser to load the results to the internet results service)

If the system fails to load the results or you subsequently make changes to the tournament you can republish the tournament to the results service as many times as required.

Results Service

Results for this tournament will be added to the results of all other tournaments published to the Results Service and can be viewed by anyone on the Tournament Director for Windows Result Service.

Results Service