Standard Search

This search dialogue allows you to specify the search criteria as set of simple expressions that can be combined into a complex search. Click on Search to execute the  search criteria.

Standard search


Select the required field from the list of available fields.


Enter the condition that is required for this field. The conditions can be a simple value, a condition and value or a complex expression.

The simplest condition is just the value. Strings do not have to be quoted unless they contain a space. Multiple values can be entered by entering all the values each one separated by a space.

Conditions can be entered by entering the operators followed by the value (e.g. <> Hayward)

Complex conditions can be entered and separated by boolean operators. (e.g. <> Hayward or <> Smith).

Boolean Operator

The final field are major boolean operators to be used on complex conditions to combine several fields.


The search button validates the search criteria entered and then performs the search. The results are displayed in the standard list.