Master Menu

View Master List

Ctrl+M acts as a hotkey for this menu option. This displays the Master List view.

New, Update, Match, Delete

These menu options allow players to be add, updated, matched or deleted from the Master List. See the Master List view for more details.

Bulk Update...

The Bulk update displays the Bulk Update dialogue to allow you to update the User Defined fields for selected players.

Bulk Match...

The Bulk Match... option displays the Bulk Match parameters dialogue to allow you to control the way the players are matched/merged. Possible matches are displayed on the Bulk Match dialogue. A match for that player can then be selected (if there is a suitable match) and the players can be merged.

The system remembers once you have attempted to match a player. If you subsequently run Match All... if will match/merge only players that weren’t matched on the previous run of Match All, including new players).

When a new ECF Grading List or the FIDE Rating List is loaded (See below), the record of attempted matches is cleared, so that all unmatched players will be matched.


This provides a Name and Address list of the all or some of the players on the Master list. The Master List print dialogue allows you to select the players to be printed.

Load Grading/Rating Lists

This option allows you to import data into Tournament Director for Windows. Three types of data can be imported:

  • ECF Club List
  • ECF Grading List
  • FIDE Rating List

See Import dialogue for more information.

Output Details

This option allows you to selectively output details of the players on the Master list to a data file.

See the Master Output details dialogue for information