Master - Bulk Match

The Master Match facility allows you to match duplicate players on the Master list or players on the Master list with players on the ECF Grading and/or FIDE Rating list.

If the Master Match dialogue has been displayed via the Bulk Match menu option the initial dialogue allows you to select the type of match being performed.

The bulk match dialogue shows details of the player to be matched with other players on the Master list and/or players from the ECF Grading or FIDE Rating Lists that are held on the system.

Master Match

The dialogue is split into three sections. The left hand side display a summary of the player to be merged to. Initially the middle section displays a list of players from the local, ECF and FIDE lists that match on Surname and first character of the First Name. The third section displays a summary of the selected player from the list of potential matches.

The middle section of the dialogue allows you to search for players and select a player. They are listed with the most likely potential matches at the top of the list. When a player is selected their details are displayed on the right hand side of the dialogue. Fields that exactly match are displayed with a green marker, close matches are shown by a yellow marker and complete mismatches are displayed with a red marker against the field. Players are merged when the ‘Match’ button is selected. This means that you can view the details of potential matches before selecting the required player.

When the dialogue is displayed from the Bulk Match menu option, the buttons available are:

  • Stop: This stops you going through the rest of the unmatched players on the system. The system ‘remembers’ which players you have attempted to match, and the next time you use the Match All menu option from the menu it does not try and rematch these players.
  • Match: Merges the selected player (in the middle list) with the Merge To player displayed on the left of the dialogue. After a player has been merged, the system moves to the next player.
  • Next: Moves to the next player to be merged.
  • Previous: Moves to the previous player that you tried to merge.

When the dialogue is displayed from the Master details dialogue, the buttons available are:

  • Close: Closes this dialogue.
  • Match: see above


When a new ECF Master or FIDE Rating list is loaded, the indicator held against each player, that is used to show you have attempted to match them, is reset. Therefore, running Bulk Match after you have loaded a Master list allows you to match all players without a ECF Code against the master list.

Bulk Match can be used to match new players that have been entered on the system as once Bulk Match has been run once, only new players will be displayed for matching.