UTU Swiss

Tournament Director for Windows has been retired. It has been replaced by UTU Swiss.

Tournament Director for Windows was initially developed in the late 1990's and came into existence shortly after Windows XP using the development tools available at the time. However, technology has moved on apace. Microsoft has recently ceased support for Windows XP and many of the associated development tools. Tournament Director for Windows has reached the end of its development life cycle and so UTU Swiss has been developed.

UTU Swiss has been developed using the latest Microsoft tools and developed for the latest Windows environments (Windows 7 and Windows 8). UTU Swiss is an evolution of Tournament Director for Windows, but the technology used for its development is a complete revolution, which will allow UTU Swiss to continue to evolve and exploit the latest technologies.

UTU Swiss

UTU Swiss has evolved to enhance the functionality provided by Tournament Director for Windows, however there are some differences. UTU Swiss:

  • produces swiss pairings based on the new combined English, Welsh and Scottish swiss pairing rules,
  • simplifies the loading of the ECF Grading list and FIDE Rating list,
  • allows you to import your list of local players from text or Excel files,
  • allows local grades to be entered for players

The usability of UTU Swiss has been greatly simplified to make running tournament more efficient and effective. The reports have been improved and modernised to allow print preview, printing, output to Word, Excel and HTML format.

Tournament Director for Windows, does support some functionality which has not yet been incorporated into UTU Swiss, specifically:

  • It does not support FIDE Swiss pairing
  • It does not support a the sharing of data between a Master and Slave database.

Give UTU Swiss a try and see the improvements for yourself. It can be purchased for £50.

Upgrade from Tournament Director for Windows

If you have an existing Tournament Director for Windows licence, you can upgrade to UTU Swiss at the a discounted price of £20

If you want to refer to the existing

Tournament Director for Windows documentation

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