Tournament - Avoid List

The Avoid List is a list of pairings to be avoided (if possible) for Swiss pairing. The automatic Swiss pairing program takes this list into account when pairing players. If the automatic Swiss pairing program is not being used, the avoid pairings are for information only.

The avoid pairings can be automatically generated by using the Auto Generate button on the Tournament View.

Avoid List

To create or update an avoid pairing enter the player numbers of the two players and a priority. Tab and arrow keys can be used to move between cells on the grid. Values are validated as entered. When a player number is entered the player name is displayed. The higher the priority the more the automatic Swiss system tries to avoid the pairing. The avoids are saved as they are entered. Priority 1 may cause players to float between score groups. Priority 2 and 3 will cause alternate pairings within a score group (to a lesser or greater extent).

The Clear All button clears all the avoids displayed on the list.

The Remove button removes the selected avoid from the list. If you blank the details for an avoid in the avoid list, this will also remove the avoid.

The Validate button checks that each avoid pairing is complete and that they have not been duplicated.