New Database

This dialogue is display the first time you run Tournament Director for Windows. It allows you to create new empty database, import details from existing DOS Tournament Director databases into the Tournament Director for Windows or select another existing database.

This dialogue can also be displayed from the New database menu option. It allows you to create the initial database or create subsequent new databases.

New database

New Database

A new empty database can be created by specifying the destination folder, name of the database and clicking on the New button. A new database will be created. This will take a few minutes to run.

If you have the ‘professional’ a master database will be created. If you have the ‘coordinator package’ you will be able to select either a master or a slave database.

Refer to Master/Slave functionality for more details

Load a database

Load Database

A DOS Tournament Director database can be loaded into Tournament Director for Windows.

To load the database use the ... button to select the folder which contains the DOS Tournament Director database. Specify the destination folder and name of the database you want to create and the click on the Load button. The new database will be loaded and then converted up to the current version. This can take between 10 minutes and 2 hours to run depending on the size of your DOS Tournament Director database. A progress bar is displayed through out the conversion process. Please be patient while the system is loading the data.

If you experience problems loading DOS Tournament Director database, please contact me and we will be happy to help you load your data.

If you have data on another system that you would like to load onto Tournament Director for Windows, please contact me and we will see what we can do to help.


If you load a database, any changes you make to the database will not be reflected in your existing DOS Tournament Director database. There is no method of exporting a complete database from Tournament Director for Windows back into the DOS version of Tournament Director.


Open database

To open an existing database, just select the database by using the ... button, and then click on open.


Allows you to close this dialogue.


If you move a database by using Windows, the next time Tournament Director for Windows runs it will not be able to find the database and it will prompt you to create a new one. You can then select the new location for the database, using the open option and continue working normally

Windows Vista

Windows Vista enforces a strict security model. Therefore you must have write access to the folder containing the Tournament Director for Windows database. If not you may have problems with the way Tournament Director for Windows functions. Tournament Director for Windows, by default, creates your database in ‘My Documents’ folder.

Tournament Director for Windows version 5.7 and before store the database in the install folder. Windows Vista does not like this. When upgrading to Version 6 on Windows Vista the database must be store in a writeable folder.

Database Version

Tournament Director for Windows uses Microsoft Access format databases. It creates new the database in Access 2003 format. Previous version of Tournament Director for Windows created database in Microsoft Access 97 format.

Any format of Microsoft Access can be used and will be maintained by Tournament Director for Windows. Tournament Director for Windows works best (and is tested with) version 2003 format databases.

Database Data

This database is compatible with Microsoft Office and it can be easily used with all Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel...) to access the data held within Tournament Director for Windows (e.g. it is possible to run Mail Merges in Word from the data held in the Tournament Director for Windows database).

However you should never update the data (except by using Tournament Director for Windows) as you will corrupt the database.