Tournament - ECF Grading

Submit for grading allows you to create a file in the required format to submit the results of the tournament to the ECF for grading. As part of the process of creating the file, the tournament, the players and the results in the tournament are validated. The file is only created if there are no errors.

If you are submitting a tournament for grading, please ensure that you comply with the latest guidance notes issued by the ECF Grading Office. As far as possible this software will be updated to conform to these guidance notes.

The first dialogue displayed asks for destination of the file and the submission index. By default the file name is derived from the event code. If no event code has been entered ‘temp’ will be used as the basis for the file number. The default Submission Index is 1, it can be changed if required.

ECF Grading

When you click on OK the tournament, player and results data is analysed. The Submit for Grading results are displayed on a dialogue with 5 tabs:

  • Summary
  • Event
  • Players
  • Results
  • File

If the tournament details are correct, the results submission file will be created. The file can then send be to the ECF to get the results of the tournament graded.