Standard List

The standard list view is used to display all non updatable lists. It provides standard functionality across all the list views.

  • Click on a column header to sort the list in ascending order, click again to display it in descending order.
  • Size a column by clicking and dragging on the line between two column headings.
  • Reposition columns by clicking and dragging the column heading to the required position.

By right clicking on the list, a pop up menu is displayed giving access to additional standard functions.

  • Advanced Search: provides access to the full complex search functionality via the search dialogue.
  • Tournament Search: This is only available on the Master list. It allows you to select players on the master list who are in one or more tournament.
  • Clear Search: clears the current search criteria and redisplays the full list.
  • Display fields -> Default fields: displays the list using the default columns, size and position.
  • Display fields -> All fields: displays the list using all the columns.
  • Display fields -> Selected fields: provides access to a pop up list of all available columns. Columns can be added and removed by ticking and un-ticking them.
  • Export... allows you to export all the data displayed on the list. This effectively gives you a great way of exporting data from the system and the complex search facility can be used to select the required data.

The system will remember your choice of columns, size and order, so you can set the system up to display the data that you find most useful.