Tournament - Prints

The system offers the following prints under the Master, Contact and Tournament menu options respectively. The prints are only available when the relevant view is displayed.


  • Name & Address list
  • Player List
  • Pairing and Results
  • Results List
  • Cross Table
  • Results slips
  • ECF Game Fee report
  • Pairing cards
  • Wall charts

Each report has a set of additional options that can be used to tailor the report to your specific requirements. See below for more details.

A Preview of all prints is provided so that you can verify the report before it is printed.

Player List, Pairing & Results List, Results List and Cross Table can be printed in ‘Large’ size. This means that the prints are printed landscape and in as large a font as possible.  If it is not possible to produce the print in ‘Large’ format, the system will display a warning and automatically revert to standard size print.

Player list

A list of all players in a tournament. The sequence can be selected.

Player List

Pairing & Results list

The pairings and results (if they have been entered) for a specific round.

Pairings & Results List

Results list

Display a list of the players in the tournament in descending score order. The results can be further ordered based on the selected tie break method.

Results List

Cross table

A standard chess cross table, showing who has played who, results, score, and current performance grade/rating. The print can be tailored by specifying the sequence, tie break and selecting the details to be printed. If the Tournament is a FIDE event, the cross table can be produced in either FIDE or ECF format.

Cross Table

Results Slips

Results slips can be printed for a round once the pairings have been entered. This allows results to be simply collected for a tournament. If required result slips for particular boards can be printed.

Results Slips

Pairing cards

Print of pairing cards for a tournament. The cards are printed 4 per A4 sheet of paper. There is considerable control over the details printed on the pairing cards. If required the cards to be printed can be selected based on the players tournament number.

Pairing Cards

Existing results, byes and pre arranged byes can be printed on the cards, if required.

If Print size is ‘Mini’ the system will print Pairings, Results and Pre Arranged Byes by default. These can be used as an excellent backup when running the tournament on the computer.

Wall chart

The details of players which can be used to stick on a TCS (Tournament Chess Supplies) wall chart. Additional details can be included.

If required the player details can be printed selectively based on the player’s tournament number.

Wall chart

ECF Game Fee

Allows the ECF Game fee report to be printed. It is only available if the ECF Game Fee rates have been entered on the Options dialogue and the Game Fee type have been entered on the Tournament. details.

ECF Game Fee