How to load the ECF Grading list from the ECF Website

The ECF Grading List published on the ECF Website can be loaded into Tournament Director for Windows. If you are an ECF Grading Officer, it is best to load the ECF Grading list provided by Richard Haddrell.


To load the ECF Grading list from the ECF Website follow these steps:

1) Download the latest ECF Grading list from and save it in a folder that is easy to find (eg My Documents/dump).
Download the uncompressed version, it takes slightly longer, but the process is slightly easier.

ECF Website

2) Run Tournament Director for Windows. Once started select the Master -> Load Grading/Rating Lists menu option. This will display the Load Master details dialogue.
Enter the details as shown below. Make sure you select 'ECF Website list' as the format. Use the button with the three dots to select the downloaded ECF Grading file from
the folder it was saved in (eg My Documents/dump), the file will be named something like gradesyyyynn.csv, where yyyy is the year and nn is the version number (eg grades201207.csv).

Load Master details dialogue

3) Click on Load. A warning maybe displayed warning that there are unexpected fields. At present it warns about Surname, First Name and Initials as the
ECF have recently changed the format of the file.

4) Click on Yes and the ECF Grading list will start to load. A progress bar will be displayed as the file is loaded.
This will take some time. On a fast computer this will take a couple of minutes, or a slower/old laptop this may take 5 minutes.

5) On completion, a confirmation dialogue is displayed

ECF Graing list loaded confirmation

6) Now that you have the new ECF Grading list loaded, you can match up any existing players to the new ECF Grading list as described in this How To guide.

7) If you have any tournaments that have been created but not yet run, you can update the player details with the new ECF Grading list detail as follows:

7.1)    Open the Tournament that you want to update

7.2)    Select the Tournament -> Players -> Refresh menu option. This will display a menu with a number of options.

7.3)      Leave all options ticked and click on OK.

7.4)     The ECF codes, grades and clubs of players in the tournament will be updated.

7.5)     Once completed, a confirmation message will be displayed. Just click on OK to clear the message.

7.5)     Repeat this process for each tournament you want to update.