How To Match Players

The Process

Once you have loaded the ECF Grading List or FIDE Rating list you can run the Match Players process to link up and players that you have added to the system with those on the ECF Grading and FIDE Rating list.

  1. Select the Master->Bulk Math menu option
  2. The Bulk Match options dialogue will be displayed. The options can be changed if required, but the default options provide a good balance of automatic and manual matching.
  3. Click on OK and the system will start to search for matches. The system will automatically match some players. If the match isn't sufficiently strong the system will display the 'Select Player to match with'
  4. This will show the player to merge with on the left and potential matches on the list in the centre and their details on the right.
  5. If you are want to match these two players (and so merge up their details) click on the 'Match' button. if the players are different click on the 'Next>>>' button.
  6. The system will continue to look for matches. If you want to stop the process and complete it later, click on the 'Stop' button. The system will remember the matches it has already tried.