How To publish a tournament to the internet

The Process

  1. Open the Tournament that you want to publish Tournament Director Results Service
  2. Select the Tournament->Publish results to the internet menu option
  3. The system will check to see if the tournament has already been loaded to the Results Service
  4. The system will display the 'Publish tournament to Internet Results Service:
    • Details of the tournament being published will be displayed
    • If the tournament already exists on the Results Service the system will display details of the existing tournament.
    • If the tournament is not on the Results or it is the same as the one being loaded.
    • Select 'Full Results Service' from the drop down box
    • Click on the Load button
  5. The tournament will now be loaded
  6. An interenet page will be displayed which loads the tournament to the Results Service. It will show the tournament name and the players loaded.
  7. To view the tournament on the Results Service, click on the name of the tournament.


  • The tournament can be loaded to the results service as many times as you wish. It will only appear on the Results Service once.
  • If you load a tournament prior to the start of the tournament you can provide a list of entrants.
  • After each round you can publish the results of the tournament so allowing the results to be viewable as the touramnet progresses.
  • At the end of the tournament you can publish the results to show the final standings.